Helping organizations think through the critical question of how growth should be achieved. Will an acquisition add value to or destroy it? What is the best growth pathway, organic or acquisitive? Which is the right acquisition target and can your organization afford the risk?

Investment Advisory & Corporate Development

  • Quantitative commercial market assessments
  • Valuation assessments
  • Entry options assessments
  • Scoping Studies
  • Business Cases
  • Financial modelling / scenario modelling
  • Acquisitions scans
  • Build versus buy assessments
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Strategic fit assessment
  • Market risk & regulatory outlook assessments
  • Synergies evaluation – are they real? worth anything?
  • Profit upside assessments
  • ROE maximisation
  • Bid strategy & negotiations

Capital Advisory

  • Valuation assessment via modelling & market methods
  • Valuation credibility / buttressing
  • Capital process advice
  • Investor introductions
  • Investment Memoranda
  • Capital optimisation reviews
  • Capital structuring
  • Hold, Divest or Re-invest reviews
  • Balance sheet reviews for ROE optimisation
  • Process management
  • Transaction mediation & negotiation

Ascertaining whether a capital raise for growth acceleration purposes is in the shareholder best interests; what are the financial & strategic implications of having new shareholders capital raise; development of information memoranda;facilitating investor introductions.


Using our proprietary and configurable databases to shed light on key investment and commercial decisions. This reduces reduce risk on new investments and enhances Management conviction in their direction. We have Insights Engines in (i) Residential Aged Care; (ii) Private Health Insurance; and (iii) Pharmaceuticals marketing.

Data Driven Decision Support

  • Residential Aged Care Commercial Scoping Studies for new facilities

  • Residential and Home Aged Care Provider Financial Benchmarking (working with Stewart Brown)

  •  Private Health Insurance Provider Financial Benchmarking
  • Pharmaceutical commercial advisory to minimise marketing outlay and maximise marketing outcomes

Strategy Advisory

  • Strategy reviews to identify value upside
  • Scoping studies for new business expansion
  • Evaluating new revenue opportunities
  • Finding & assessing new market entry options
  • Competitive landscape reviews
  • Business imperatives review
  • Build versus buy evaluations
  • Commercial due diligence on existing plans
  • Competitive landscape reviews
  • Competitive differentiation assessment
  • Market & regulatory outlook assessments

Maximising shareholder value* through review of competing business opportunities and weighing the opportunity costs & risks; responding to formidable competitors; conducting market & regulatory outlook assessments.